Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my in-law's anniversary, so I managed to put together this card during multiple nap times! I bought a new stamp at Michael's last weekend, and had planned to use it (it's a puzzle), but I couldn't make it work with this card, so I thought I'll try it on another card.
This card is relatively's some beautiful Kruio paper, scalloped at the edge. Underneath is white CS embossed with a Cuttlebug folder. Love these ribbons, I think they really tie it all together (hehe...tie it together) (ok, I'm over tired today! haha). The stamp is...guess....Studio G of course, and I added the brads in the corner that matched perfectly. Even tho it's simple, it took me a long time to make it. I was trying a LOAD of different things, and ended up with this. Not to mention that my 3 week old is not overly agreeable to my crafting
Now to find a sentimate for the inside. I was thinking of this one:
"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."
or this one "Happy marriages begin when we marry the one we love, and they blossom when we love the one we married."
If I can get Shaelin out of my arms long enough to write one out, now, we'll be all set!!
Happy scrapping and thanks for stopping by!! :)
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Darren's cousin is home from Alberta with his fiance and his little boy. Since they're home for a few weeks, they decided to have their sons birthday here at McDonald's, this thursday. So of course, today I had to force myself to put together a card...(hehe...force doubt!).
Here's what I came up with...I think it's adorable! I saw a card sort of similar to this a few weeks back on a blog that I visit, but I subscribe to a load of blogs, so I have no idea which one it was! I don't remember exactly what the card looked like, either, just that it was a beachy scene.
For mine, I made the sand from cork board that I had, and layered it twice. The edges were shaded with watercolour lead. The water was just blue paper, and I used liquid emboss to make waves and added blue and silver microbeads and sparkle embossing powder. The grass is just scrap paper cut with scissors, and the 'bath mat' is a piece of woven hemp I had lying around. The monkey is a Cuttlebug die, but I replaced the branch in his hand with this cute shovel. The shovel, bucket, 'sun in the sun', starfish and shell all came from a stamp set that I bought 2 years ago, and I don't know the name of the set. The sun is Studio G. Oh, and I cut out a piece of purple striped paper and made trunks for the monkey...hehe too cute. What could me more fun than making a card for a child? For an idea for a little boys card, see one of my previous posts for Chase's birthday. He loved his card. When he opened it, everyone was talking about how I made it, and one woman at the party says "wow, thats crazy". Chase looked at the card, and said "yeah...that IS Crazy" so cute! He's only 3! Thanks for stopping by, I'll have another post soon, as it's my in-laws anniversary on wednesday!
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Here is a sympathy card that I made for my step dad's mother, when her sister passed away. The cardstock is all Kurio, stamp is Studio G. I added a little detail with the paper piercing and the little pearls inside the flowers, which I believe are Martha Stewart.
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This is a Thank you Card that I made for my mom, since she helped out so much by coming to live with us for like, 2 weeks! lol I'm really tired, so I'll quickly give you the ingredients for this card!
Cardstock is Kurio. Stamps are Studio G, except for the middle of the flower, which is Gel-a-Tins. The outside of the flower is a sticker from Martha Stewart.
Thanks mom! xox
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Welcome Shaelin!

It's been a while since I blogged, so let me show you why! Allow me to introduce my baby girl, Shaelin Grace Ellen was born on July 8th. She was 7lbs 3 oz of beauty! Here she is at 2 weeks old. :)
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My beautiful Children! Chase, 3 and Shaelin, 5 days here. :D
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Friday, July 4, 2008

A thank you card for my in-laws who have helped so much lately, especially throughout the last month or so of my pregnancy, by helping to get the nursery and the basement apt ready for this month.

The card is actually NOT as pink as it appears here, and is instead more of an orange tint. The stamp of the swirls came from mom (she told me the company, but I forget), and it's actually double stamped here, once in orange and once in red. The paper that it's stamped on is a distressed yellow, (shocked that the colours are so off in the pic). Then I added a few small pearls from Kurio to accent the swirls. The paper with the flowers is Kurio. The scalloped circles are dotted with a white gel pen, and then stamped with two stamps, both Studio G, the flower on the cake and then the 'thank you'.

I have to say, it's more impressive in person, but you get the idea.
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I created this card this morning, because I have a sweet little boy who's turning 3 in a couple of weeks. Of course, with the new baby coming in the next 6 days (at the most) I'll have very little time afterwards to spend this kind of time on a card. I wanted my son to see how special he is to us, by making him an extra special card. I love how this turned out. I think it really captures what Chase is all about. It's sweet and carefree, and fun and it has his favorite things in it. I can't wait to see his reaction!! Let me explain what I did here. The truck and the tractor are stamps that I bought a few years ago at a dollar store, and never ever used them, because they aren't really nice stamps, they leave spots unstamped I find. Well, I forced them to work!! The tractor I wanted to make a little bigger, so I stamped it, scanned it into my computer, fixed it up a little around the edges and printed off four of them, so that I could paper piece it. The Truck was fine at the normal size, so I used my juiciest pigment, and stamped it 6 times, and embossed them in black powder. This was to avoid the ink smearing when I added the watercolour. It's hard to see here, but I used watercolour leads on both vehicles to add a bit of dimension, and I think the brassy mini brads really added to them too. So cute! So I wanted to make a big sand-pit area, and I found, in my drawer of scraps, a piece of corkboard, also purchased a few years ago at a Dollar Store and never used! What luck! I cut them into hills, and then took my brown watercolour lead to give them dimension as well. I layered this into three layers, which is wat makes the card SO thick! The sky was just some blue textured paper, aquired from mom, (something here had to be aquired from mom, eh!? lol) and I inked the edges with a blue inkpad that's usually quite useless, except for doing paper edging. The cloud is a little piece of batting, attached with glue lines. The Happy Birthday was a stamp from the Dollar Store (not sure the company) and added on with two brassy brads. The papers are all randoms that I had left-overs of, so this card was a mish mash of things that I have not used, or forgotten about. I could NOT be happier with the result, and I think my precious little man, who's growing up WAY too fast, will agree. :)
Happy Scrapping, and happy 4th to those of you in the USA. :)
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Here's the tractor, I love it!!
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The little 3D paper pieced truck. So cute!
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I took this picture so you could get a look at how thick this card's by far the card with the most depth that I've ever made!!
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tonight I decided to play around again, and this is what I made. It's not my original idea, and I actually like the original better, which was made by Nancy Morgan, and can be seen at I don't know how she did the petals, but mine were a cut out that I made and used as a stencil. The inside of the flower is some paper piecing done with my new Inkadinkado stamp, and then a brown brad in the middle. The paper inside the flower is Kurio. I used white cardstock for the outside, but I felt I needed something to make the flower petals pop, so I used brown watercolour lead around the outside of the edges, and then I kind of scribbled around the white, to create a marbled affect when the water was added. The Ribbon on the bottom came from Michael''s so cute, it's brown with pink stitching on one side, and the opposite on the other side. I think I'm going to leave this stamp, and add a sentiment when needed.
Now I'm heading to bed to nurse my sunburnt legs!!! Happy scrapping, and good night! :)
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What a great evening!! Tonight we had a nice little Canada Day BBQ at our house, and after we were in the backyard playing Bocce ball and letting the kids tire themselves out! So after everyone left, my DH and I sat on the front porch and watched random neighbours fireworks and reminisced about old times. It was really nice. Once we were done all that, I decided to make a few cards, since I'll be out of commision for a while after Thursday the 10th (baby's arrival date, via c-section) I thought a few cards stored for just-incase times would be a good idea. I tried out a few new things tonight. For one thing, I made all three of the cards in 6x3 size, which I had never tried before. This one above is my favorite, the other two were mostly just me playing around. I really like what happened on this one, though. The circles were new stamps that mom bought on her visit in here last weekend, and they are Gel-a-Tins. (she took half and loaned me half of them, they are too cute). I stamped them, forgot to emboss them, (but thats ok, it still looks good) and then I coloured some of them in with a white crayon. By sponging ink from the ink pad onto a new kitchen sponge, I could apply the colour more evenly and softer, and it made this very cool affect, which we learned this past weekend. We saw this done on another card, but I'm not sure who did it. The one I saw was made with flowers, but I like the circle affect too. The Happy and Birthday stamps are Studio G. I think it turned out kinda cool. Hope you enjoy!
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This card was made, mostly because I was playing around with my new inks, and moms new stamps! lol The circle stamps are all Gel-a-Tin's stamps, and they are inked in VersaColor inks boysenberry, lime, and merigold, and the dark orange is Orange Color Box. The Sealed with a Kiss stamp is Studio G. The colour on the background of the circles was done by sponging onto the softens the look of the colour, rather than applying directly from the ink pad.
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An easy little card to was mostly just me trying out the new stamps! The Thinking of You and the two brackets are Studio G.
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