Monday, January 26, 2009

I've Moved!!

I decided to start a new Blog for my Stampin' Up stuff. Since becoming a Demonstrator, I've been really busy and not keeping up with this blog as I should. So today when I went to post, I thought a change was in order. Please join me over at my new site here.

Thanks for watching this blog. It's been a pleasure, and I think we'll have even more fun over at the new site!

So lets go!! :)

xox Happy Scrappin'!
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Bowling Birthday!

Chase is invited to a Bowling birthday party this weekend for his best friend, Jordan. I had a concept in mind that I wanted to play with for this card, but I didn't know how to execute it. Turns out, with the idea I had, I wasn't able to stick the middle three bowling balls onto the card! So trial and error brought me to this...
'Gift' designer paper - American Traditional Designs
Stamps - midnight Media (I think)
The bowling pins were a template I created. The bowling ball has three eyelets for 'finger holes' (can't really see it in his shot)
And the red stripes are actually thick string.
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Birthday Party

This his how I executed the bowling card. The three in the middle were attached using the 'double penny' trick so that they would slide...except instead of using one larger pop dot, I used three smaller ones in a line so that the bowling pins wouldn't spin, just slide.

The word 'Party!' is attached to the bottom of the middle pin, so that (as you can see in the top two pics) when the pins slide up, the word comes out from behind the bowling ball.
Here's the inside, with another little pin! :0)
Making kids cards are so much fun! lol

Happy scrapping all!
Oh, did I mention I'm a Stampin' UP Demonstrator now? Just waiting on my kit to get started! My website is never know when you might want to order some stamps from me!! :)
Later all! Have a great weekend!! xox
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy...ahem...anniversary! ?

Well, Darren and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary this year! But of course, thats not until November 18th. So I'm sure you're wondering what I'm talking about. September 15th is the anniversary that we always celebrated before we got married, as the start of our relationship. Neither of us is sure what exactly marked that day...if it was the first "I love you's" or just when we decided to go from 'dating' to 'boyfriend/girlfriend'. lol. I was 16, he was 20 (almost 21), and that was nine years ago. I thought my mom was gonna die when she found out how old he was. I remember it clearly. We were in the basement and she was vacuuming, and she asked me (it was the day before his 21st birthday) how old he was. I replied quite hesitently.."oh, he's 20."

....wait for it....wait for it....

"oh". She replied.

ummm...come again? ok, act cool.....

And that was it! That was all that was said about it. I guess he won her over like he won me over. :)

And now it's 9 years later...he's turning 30 in less than a month, and I'm still in my early 20's. Ok....mid 20's. We've got two beautiful children, and I am the happiest I've ever been. So this is the card I made for him. We didn't celebrate it as such...but nevertheless, I had to mark the occasion with a card. After all, 9 years is nothing to sneeze at. And at 16...well, I never would have thought I'd be getting into my lifelong relationship...but when you find the right man, I guess age truely isn't a factor.

Here's what I wrote on the inside of Darren's card.

When we're old and gray,
Nine years won't seem like very long.
When we were young and naive,
Nine years felt like forever.
Now that we're the parents of two
Beautiful Children
And nine years have come and went
Some days it might feel like a lifetime....
Others it may not seem like long at all...
But it has been nine years
Filled with Love, Friendship, Companionship,
Hardships and a lot of Fun.
And I look forward to every other nine years
For the Rest of our Lives.

Happy Anniversary, Darren. I love you!!

Thanks for visiting! Happy Scrapping!
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Big Thanks!

My son's godparents (well, two of them), live in Alberta now,and have since he was 3 months old. Of course we miss them like crazy, and I wanted to send them something special. Maybe this makes me a horrible person, but I haven't sent them anything since they moved away! Terrible, I know. I've made Christmas cards, birthday cards, taken pics, made CD's, and never sent them anything. I know...terrible. But, it never fails, every one of my son's birthdays and every Christmas we get a card from them with money and a note in it for my son. So when my daughter was born, they sent a card with a gift for each in them. And she's quite generous, considering they're living up there, working their asses off so that they can save money to have a good start when they move home (which is hopefully going to be soon!)

So here's the card I'm GOING TO SEND THEM, DAMNIT! lol I'm also going to burn, like, a thousand pics onto a DVD for them so that they can see everything they've missed since they left. Including our wedding pics, which they were home for, but I have not sent them the pics. (ok, give me a break on that one, they did see the web album, and after all, I don't even have any wedding pics blown up yet for my own house!)

I love this card. It's so fun and playfull. These are the felt flowers I was talking about in my last post (I did it! I made a card with the ingredient I had picked out!) (whoo hoo). Aren't they cute, though? For less than 3 bucks you get 4 round orange ones, 5 big pink flowers, 3 small orange flowers, 3 small pink flowers and four leaves (or some assortion of this...those are what I got). (is assortion even a word? Unsure, but I'm tired, so it is now)

The inside pink circle is made with velvet paper by Doodlebug Design Inc. The black and white polka dots are Scenic Route *I think* (I have this paper already half cut and only part of the name is there.) the stamp guessed it...borrowed from mom, although I believe it might be a part of an Inkadinkadoo set I gave her for Christmas a few years back. The little green gems on the butterflies wings are Kurio. It was a fun card to make. I just wish I had the large round circle nestabilites..then I wouldn't have to do a mediocure job cutting out scalloped circles with my scallop scissors... Think they might be on my Christmas list. *hint hint*. hehe.

Any whooooo....thinking this weekend I may try and get some scrapbooking done, instead of just card making. Although I have to make a birthday card for Chase's best friend's birthday. I'm trying to figure out a way to make a race track birthday stay posted for more posts this weekend (hopefully, if Shaelin co-operates!)

Have a great weekend, and happy scrapping! xox
Amie 8^)
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

My sister in law, Lori, asked me to create a wedding card that she could send to her friends in Toronto who recently got married. The bride wore a red wedding dress, so this is what I created. The stamp, I believe is inkadinkadoo. I love the little pearl accents from Kurio, on the cake, as well as the larger pearl accent on the flower which has been kicking around my craft room for ages now! lol

I haven't done much lately, although I have a bunch of cards I have to do. I had a tooth removed two days ago (root canal gone bad...ugh) and so I've been hitting the hay pretty early both nights since. Soup diets don't exactly leave you reeling with energy! But I'm feeling better now, and hoping to get to it tonight with some new supplies I bought yesterday. I found these super cute felt flowers at Walmart in the sewing section, they're called "Ka-Jinkers". I'm going to try and make a card with them tonight, but as you probably know about me, I start a card with one ingredient in mind, and end up with something way off base from where I began! lol

On another note, I'm considering becoming a demonstrator for Stampin' Up! I haven't fully decided yet, but this would be a great time to start it, being at home with my kids this year on Mat leave. So we'll see, but my mom is super excited about the idea of it! I have to say, it sounds pretty exciting! I'm just wonder where to find clientelle, and hoping I'm not too shy to do it. But then again, if I can teach debrief classes at work and take control in that environment, then I should be able to do the same in a fun environment doing something I love, right? Stay tuned, you'll all know when I decide. :)

Happy Scrapping, xox
Amie Greene :0)
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Boy, it's so early to be looking at witches and pumpkins, I'm still in September-shock mode. But, nevertheless, I was at Michael's a few days ago, and they had some sweet little spooky stamps in their buck fifty bin. I bought 6...which is odd for me, since I usually try and steer away from seasonal stamps a little. But I bought two witches, the pumpkin, large spiderweb, bat, and some candycorns. The smaller stamps were ones I borrowed from mom without knowing that I'd be getting some of my own. but together, they're spook-tacular! lol...oh dear.
Let me tell you what I did, because although I think it looks impressive, it's much more impressive in person. The pumpkin was stamped on water colour paper and then coloured with watercolour leads. The part I love bext is the stemy thingies. There are usually little curly vines, but I ran some green wire through my crimper machine, and then shaped it into curls. The big bat is embossed with black powder, and I bent the wings for a 3D affect. The flying witch is embossed in metallic black powder and the moon is inked around the edge in orange. The little standing witch is paper peiced for a 3D affect as well, making the nose and broom pop up. The spiderweb on the top left was a Michael's stamp, but I used a bigger spider stamp to cover the little one that was part of that stamp. I really enjoyed making these cards, one for my son and daughter, and one for my niece. Love the black paper with white polka dots, I think it adds a playfull affect to the card. :)

I'll probably be making more soon, so I'll post as I go. Hoping to add some scrapbook pages to my book, but I really need to get a new scrapbook first before I start scrapping Shaelin's pics. I was going to start some tonight, but I got chatting to my best friend, who's in Alberta, and we started reminising and laughing, and well....lets just say that when she called I was part way through this post, and it's taken me three hours to finish it!! lol Good times. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the card, and stay tuned for more soon. Happy scrapping!! xox
Amie Greene (it's official now, I finally changed my information to Greene! Yay!)
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