Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy...ahem...anniversary! ?

Well, Darren and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary this year! But of course, thats not until November 18th. So I'm sure you're wondering what I'm talking about. September 15th is the anniversary that we always celebrated before we got married, as the start of our relationship. Neither of us is sure what exactly marked that day...if it was the first "I love you's" or just when we decided to go from 'dating' to 'boyfriend/girlfriend'. lol. I was 16, he was 20 (almost 21), and that was nine years ago. I thought my mom was gonna die when she found out how old he was. I remember it clearly. We were in the basement and she was vacuuming, and she asked me (it was the day before his 21st birthday) how old he was. I replied quite hesitently.."oh, he's 20."

....wait for it....wait for it....

"oh". She replied.

ummm...come again? ok, act cool.....

And that was it! That was all that was said about it. I guess he won her over like he won me over. :)

And now it's 9 years later...he's turning 30 in less than a month, and I'm still in my early 20's. Ok....mid 20's. We've got two beautiful children, and I am the happiest I've ever been. So this is the card I made for him. We didn't celebrate it as such...but nevertheless, I had to mark the occasion with a card. After all, 9 years is nothing to sneeze at. And at 16...well, I never would have thought I'd be getting into my lifelong relationship...but when you find the right man, I guess age truely isn't a factor.

Here's what I wrote on the inside of Darren's card.

When we're old and gray,
Nine years won't seem like very long.
When we were young and naive,
Nine years felt like forever.
Now that we're the parents of two
Beautiful Children
And nine years have come and went
Some days it might feel like a lifetime....
Others it may not seem like long at all...
But it has been nine years
Filled with Love, Friendship, Companionship,
Hardships and a lot of Fun.
And I look forward to every other nine years
For the Rest of our Lives.

Happy Anniversary, Darren. I love you!!

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Sandra said...

Your memory is amazing... I don't remember asking you how old Darren was! I do, however, remember all those nights with you and him on the phone 'til God knows what time of the morning - even one time you fell asleep talking to him! haha We can laugh at it now!