Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Boy, it's so early to be looking at witches and pumpkins, I'm still in September-shock mode. But, nevertheless, I was at Michael's a few days ago, and they had some sweet little spooky stamps in their buck fifty bin. I bought 6...which is odd for me, since I usually try and steer away from seasonal stamps a little. But I bought two witches, the pumpkin, large spiderweb, bat, and some candycorns. The smaller stamps were ones I borrowed from mom without knowing that I'd be getting some of my own. but together, they're spook-tacular! lol...oh dear.
Let me tell you what I did, because although I think it looks impressive, it's much more impressive in person. The pumpkin was stamped on water colour paper and then coloured with watercolour leads. The part I love bext is the stemy thingies. There are usually little curly vines, but I ran some green wire through my crimper machine, and then shaped it into curls. The big bat is embossed with black powder, and I bent the wings for a 3D affect. The flying witch is embossed in metallic black powder and the moon is inked around the edge in orange. The little standing witch is paper peiced for a 3D affect as well, making the nose and broom pop up. The spiderweb on the top left was a Michael's stamp, but I used a bigger spider stamp to cover the little one that was part of that stamp. I really enjoyed making these cards, one for my son and daughter, and one for my niece. Love the black paper with white polka dots, I think it adds a playfull affect to the card. :)

I'll probably be making more soon, so I'll post as I go. Hoping to add some scrapbook pages to my book, but I really need to get a new scrapbook first before I start scrapping Shaelin's pics. I was going to start some tonight, but I got chatting to my best friend, who's in Alberta, and we started reminising and laughing, and well....lets just say that when she called I was part way through this post, and it's taken me three hours to finish it!! lol Good times. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the card, and stay tuned for more soon. Happy scrapping!! xox
Amie Greene (it's official now, I finally changed my information to Greene! Yay!)
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Sandra said...

I must've missed this post... it's gorgeous! What a lot of work you put into it! Hope Chase and Shaelin love it too!