Thursday, August 21, 2008

I just quicky wanted to share with you the sweet little poem I put inside Paytn's card. I had a card given to me with a similar rhyme when Shaelin was born, but I altered the poem a lot, and here's the result.

A little girls birthday
is full of delights
with ice cream and candles,
and gifts to excite.
It's a day full of kisses
and singing pure joys
It's a house full of friends
and a room full of toys.
Though it's hard to believe
that you're already one
The love and the joy
and the fun's just begun!

Thanks for visiting (again!)
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Happy Birthday Paytn!

My friends little girl, Paytn, is 1 year old two weeks ago! haha and of course, (shock) I forgot. So we're going to see them again this weekend, so I made an extra special card. Extra special because it was SUPER fun to make! This design completely came from my own head, which makes me even more proud of it. Where to begin. The center of the flower was embossed with the swirl Cuttlebug folder. The petals are my own template, sanded around the edges. The four stamps are from moms collection, once again. (Love those stamps!) The bumblebee and the dragonfly both have papaer pieced wings that are made with velum to give them a see-through wing-like affect. The dragonfly's wings are layered twice and attached with a lilac brad. The butterfly's wings are also paper pieced, but it's wings are on handmade paper with sparkly swirls. The lettering is rub-ons, and I dotted the swirls to make it look like their flying. Oh, and the ladybug's back is also paper pieced. I love this card. Hope Paytn loves it too! It was so much fun! Gotta go...little 6 week fussbox in my arms!! :) Later all! xox Thanks for stopping by!
Amie ;o)
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Close up to show the detail in the card.
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My great aunt Fran sent my son and daughter a sweet care package to welcome Shaelin! So to thank her I made up this card. The purple paper I used didn't quite match any of my inks, so I used boysenberry and brown and stamped them both together with a little shading technique on the stamp to get the flowers that you see. I then took the beige paper and ran it through my Cuttlebug in the swirl embossing folder. LOVE this look...I'm not sure why I never thought to stamp first and then emboss. The two stamps are from moms collection, of course! The dragonfly is then paper pieced to be 3D with a brass brad in the middle. Thanks for visiting!
Amie :0)
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Friday, August 15, 2008

So I wanted a jewellry box type thing for my daughter, although she's too young for jewellry yet (she's even too young for the few buckles that she has!) But I had this box that my MIL gave me for my birthday last year, and it has these spots for pics in the top, and the top slides off the box so you can put whatever you want in there. Well, I got to thinking that it would be super cute to put in her bedroom. So I made this! The lettering is froma Cuttlebug alphabet set that mom has, she was trying out the dies and sent me one of each letter! I had used the little 'e' on a card not too long ago, so I used the capital
'E' here, but I think because of the lettering, it fits well and looks cute. I'm actually glad I didn't have the small 'e'. The dragonfly is a brad, as is the center of the flower that dots the 'i'. The sunflower I got at Dollarama, and it's on a piece of wire. I poked it through the paper like a brad. I think you could even remove the center and use a brad there instead, but the center is cute, as it's covered in microbeads. The stamp of the ladybug is borrowed from moms collection. And the paper is Kurio. I think it's pretty cute.
I'm working on a Thank You card for my great aunt, but I have a bundle of fuss in my arms that is my sick little girl, so that might have to wait until we get home tomorrow or the next day. No worries about Shaelin though. She is, no doubt, fussy, but it's just a little touch of a cold that's got her (and me) down. Not too bad to keep us from the cabin though. After all, this is the weekend when the men get to pull out their guns and test them out....and show off their manliness. Should be good times at the cabin.
Wish me luck. :)
Happy scrapping!
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