Friday, September 5, 2008

Big Thanks!

My son's godparents (well, two of them), live in Alberta now,and have since he was 3 months old. Of course we miss them like crazy, and I wanted to send them something special. Maybe this makes me a horrible person, but I haven't sent them anything since they moved away! Terrible, I know. I've made Christmas cards, birthday cards, taken pics, made CD's, and never sent them anything. I know...terrible. But, it never fails, every one of my son's birthdays and every Christmas we get a card from them with money and a note in it for my son. So when my daughter was born, they sent a card with a gift for each in them. And she's quite generous, considering they're living up there, working their asses off so that they can save money to have a good start when they move home (which is hopefully going to be soon!)

So here's the card I'm GOING TO SEND THEM, DAMNIT! lol I'm also going to burn, like, a thousand pics onto a DVD for them so that they can see everything they've missed since they left. Including our wedding pics, which they were home for, but I have not sent them the pics. (ok, give me a break on that one, they did see the web album, and after all, I don't even have any wedding pics blown up yet for my own house!)

I love this card. It's so fun and playfull. These are the felt flowers I was talking about in my last post (I did it! I made a card with the ingredient I had picked out!) (whoo hoo). Aren't they cute, though? For less than 3 bucks you get 4 round orange ones, 5 big pink flowers, 3 small orange flowers, 3 small pink flowers and four leaves (or some assortion of this...those are what I got). (is assortion even a word? Unsure, but I'm tired, so it is now)

The inside pink circle is made with velvet paper by Doodlebug Design Inc. The black and white polka dots are Scenic Route *I think* (I have this paper already half cut and only part of the name is there.) the stamp guessed it...borrowed from mom, although I believe it might be a part of an Inkadinkadoo set I gave her for Christmas a few years back. The little green gems on the butterflies wings are Kurio. It was a fun card to make. I just wish I had the large round circle nestabilites..then I wouldn't have to do a mediocure job cutting out scalloped circles with my scallop scissors... Think they might be on my Christmas list. *hint hint*. hehe.

Any whooooo....thinking this weekend I may try and get some scrapbooking done, instead of just card making. Although I have to make a birthday card for Chase's best friend's birthday. I'm trying to figure out a way to make a race track birthday stay posted for more posts this weekend (hopefully, if Shaelin co-operates!)

Have a great weekend, and happy scrapping! xox
Amie 8^)
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